Over the years, the Trust has developed and finessed a playbook that makes it easier for the private sector, activists and philanthropists to partner up and make a positive change. From taking on the role of enabler between interested parties and the Gauteng Education Department, to managing the projects themselves, from concept through to implementation and evaluation.

The Trust has also played the role of intermediate between GDE and public sector players like non-profit organisations and intergovernmental organisations, taking on the burden of all administrative work pertaining to projects and interventions.

Any business, organization or person interested to work with us can get in touch with Kathy Tracey.

Some of the work we are most proud of includes:

Audio Visual Training Resources

This project supported the Gauteng Primary Literacy and Mathematics Strategy (GPLMS) which was launched in 2011. The GDE needs to train 6 500 Foundation phase and 4 000 Intermediate phase teachers in numeracy and mathematics as part of the GPMLS.

Maths and Science Grants Projects

This project aimed at supporting schools demonstrating a high level of pass rates in Maths and Science: it included an exploration of what makes for success, and what assistance should be given to ensure that successful pass rates in these subjects continue.

iPower2 Teacher Laptop Project

The iPower2 Teacher Laptop Project was designed as a self-paced learning programme for teacher development to improve content knowledge in Maths, Science and English.

LearnThings & iPower2/NovaNet

These two projects refer to two different ICT solutions piloted in selected schools, initially in two and subsequently in one Gauteng Education district.

Data-informed Practice Improvement Project (DIPIP)

The project supported in-service professional development for Mathematics teachers in selected secondary schools through a process of collaboration and structured learning in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). The assumption is that improvement in teaching practice will in turn improve learner outcomes.

Gordon Institute of Business Science Spirit of Youth

In 2011 the Spirit of Youth programme recruited a diverse range of learners (Grade 11) who had ‘demonstrated their readiness to assume both responsibility and leadership’. The learner profile consisted of ‘a body of bright and ambitious South African youth that is diverse in terms of socio-economic, religious, racial, gender and geographical experiences’.

Work with us

The GEDT works with a wide range of local, national and global organisations and individuals who are passionate about access to quality education in Gauteng.

Any business, organization or person interested to work with us can get in touch with.