While some training will be provided through conventional training, there is insufficient time available to deliver all the training in this way. It was therefore planned to supplement conventional training through the use of Professional Learning Groups (PLGs) in schools. The group sessions would be facilitated by coaches, and strengthened through the use of audio-visual training videos that would be used to hold discussions with teachers and to demonstrate best practice in delivering various aspects of the curriculum.

Sci-Bono and MindSet partnered to produce, test and distribute videos. Twenty three videos on relevant topics have been produced, meeting best practice illustrations of teaching in real-life classroom contexts. Training has been conducted with the coaches in preparation for the implementation of the Professional Learning Groups. The plans for rollout of PLGs were interrupted by the implementation of the intervention programme for ANAs and have been rescheduled for 2014. Coaches will use the videos during the PLG sessions.

Teachers who participated in the production of the DVDs benefited through observation of their own performance in the videos, and interactive sessions with coaches and management in the GPLMS. The quality of the videos as training tools improved significantly as production progressed. Monitoring and Evaluation will be required to confirm the efficacy of the videos as a training tool. The project appears to be easily replicable.

Focus area

Teacher Development in Numeracy and Literacy (Foundation and Intermediated phase) in support of the Gauteng Primary Literacy and Mathematics Strategy (GPLMS) 

Time frame

2012 to 2014.


At the point of reporting (end of 2013), the project had produced 23 videos (of which the 1st two were pilots) totalling 406 minutes, which have been collected onto a set of 6 physical DVDs.

79 coaches had been trained in the first training cohort.



Stakeholders/ Partnerships

GDE, GPMLS (Gauteng Primary Literacy and Mathematics Strategy), Sci-Bono and MindSet, coaches, schools, teachers and learners.

Resources/ Materials

Human: Coaches

Materials: Training DVDs of live classroom situations, guideline documents

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Report Title


GEDT Closure Report 2014: Audio Visual Training Resources for Foundation & Intermediate Phase.

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