Project management

Conceptualizing, executing and timeously completing projects, within budget, that have helped transform the face of education in Gauteng, and inspired change countrywide.

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Fund management

Effectively and ethically managing funds that philanthropists and the private sector make available to improve the delivery of quality education to learners in Gauteng. For over two decades, GEDT has maintained unparalleled accountability, delivering clean audits every financial year, and positive results at the end of every project and intervention.

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Managing the entire execution of Gauteng education-focused projects and interventions developed by both the public and private sector.

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With seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in education and civil society, the GEDT can effectively play the role of advisor to either the GDE or any potential collaborator or partner, leading with insights and key learnings from previous work that impacts both the public sector and privately.

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Monitoring and evaluating the implementation and efficacy of a project or intervention, from the beginning of an activity to its conclusion. This includes designing and running with dynamic monitoring and evaluation systems that evolve both with education practitioners and the beneficiaries of interventions being implemented.

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The team behind the GEDT consists of seasoned academics and educators, many of whom have worked in education, civil society and other public sector organisations for decades. These consummate professionals are well qualified to run all manner of qualitative and quantitative studies, analyses and insight mining exercises to gain understanding of pertinent issues to stakeholders.

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The Gauteng Education Development Trust

The Gauteng Education Development Trust (GEDT) is a seasoned, independent partner whose sole purpose is to help Gauteng Department of Education facilitate access to, and delivery of high-quality education from Early Childhood Development to Secondary Schools in Gauteng.

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Work with us

The GEDT works with a wide range of local, national and global organisations and individuals who are passionate about access to quality education in Gauteng.

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