However, the majority of teachers did not spend the required minimum time on their programmes, so there was insufficient evidence to establish the role of ICT solutions in improving content knowledge of teachers.

Teachers were trained in the initial induction sessions on how to use NovaNet, but no follow-up training and support was planned or given. The self-paced design relied on the individual to commit to the programme, without regular technical and content support. As teachers were faced with log-in challenges, content not being aligned to CAPS and their own inability to navigate through the programme, participation fell. Teachers did not fully appreciate that the programme was designed as a self-development tool, which suggests that a more focused induction process was required. While teachers felt that they received limited or no technical support in the programme, it is also clear that they did not make use of the teacher assistance and support system which was in place, or that they did not engage with the system for sufficient periods of time to learn how to use it.

The project illustrates a number of indicators that need to be considered in a project of this kind, ranging from selection of teachers, inclusion of a needs analysis, and focused planning and co-ordination of roles and responsibilities. There were unplanned benefits in that teachers improved their computer skills and learned how to access additional teaching and learning resources and social platforms for networking with other teaching professionals.

Focus area

ICT-based Teacher Development in Maths, Science and English

Time frame

March 2012 to October 2012.


96 teachers from underperforming secondary schools

4 Subject Advisors (Facilitators) in the District Office

Initial 2-day induction training was given to 100 participants in 2 cohorts of 50 each.

Province/ Districts

Gauteng: Ekurhuleni South District

Stakeholders/ Partnerships

Gauteng Department of Education, the Ekurhuleni South District, iPower2 and Sci-Bono

Project Resources/ Materials

Human: Technical support system

Technical: Laptops supplied by Sci-Bono

Materials: NovaNet learning packages; BASI pre-assessments

Referencing Key to Report Extracts

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Report Title


Consolidated Report on the Evaluation Of Ipower2 Teacher Laptop Project. 31 January 2013

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